SPILLEBRANCHEN’s company is centred around several key points, which describe our view of SPILLEBRANCHEN and its role as a socially responsible player in Denmark:

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It is crucial to maintain the opportunity to run a healthy business as a gaming company in Denmark. It is only natural that our industry is a sharply regulated industry, which must live up to a number of detailed requirements, including tax payments, advertising rules, prevention of gambling addiction, etc. At the same time, however, it is also essential to keep the balance to remain attractive to run a legitimate gambling business in Denmark.

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The gaming industry contributes positively to Danish society. As a condition for obtaining a Danish gaming license, the gaming providers must pay a gaming fee of 28 per cent of the revenue. This income is new for the Danish treasury, which the unregulated gaming market of the past did not allow. At the same time, the increased presence of gaming companies in Denmark means that the employment of people in the Danish gaming industry has increased significantly, with increased personal tax revenues, etc.

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Spillebranchen believes that gambling is an entirely legitimate leisure activity on a par with many others but that gambling addiction is an evil that must be combated. The Danish gaming industry has no desire to promote gambling addiction, which in addition to unfortunate fates, is ultimately harmful to the industry because it creates a negative reputation widely among the population, and an uncertain future for the industry as a result of political reluctance. Therefore, in close collaboration with legislators and experts in the field, the industry wants to help prevent gambling addiction and increase the chances that the few customers affected by gambling addiction get the right help to get out of their addiction.

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In Denmark, the number of gambling addicts is only slightly increasing despite significantly more gambling opportunities. There is no indication that the number of gambling addicts in Denmark has increased dramatically since the introduction of the licensing system in 2012. However, access to many different types of gambling has become much easier. The available data show that fewer Danes are playing gambling today than in 2005, but that slightly more Danes are experiencing gambling problems, even though the numbers are very small. On the other hand, the fewest risk players in 2005 are still risk players today (20 per cent), which is highly positive.

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Gambling is not for children. SPILLEBRANCHEN wants to help ensure that children do not gamble for money. Gambling is and must be a responsible adult choice that does not belong in the children’s room. Just as with gambling addiction, the industry has no interest in children playing because it creates a critical image of the industry and increases the negative political attention. SPILLEBRANCHEN wants dialogue with experts and legislators to ensure that children do not start playing for money.